CRISIS AVERTED…BUT AT WHAT COST? by Schon G Condon RFD Exactly one year ago, it appeared that the global economy was going to fall into a “zombie-filled abyss” due to the pandemic.  However, with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasting 6% growth this year (and 4.4% in 2022), it means that the predicted economic catastrophe […]

Where To From Here

“So, … Where to from here?” Unless you’ve spent 2020 living under a rock, you’re more than aware that from an economic viewpoint, last year has been a total write-off, financially and emotionally. Australia, along with over 90% of the world’s economies, was plunged into recession because of the COVID-19 pandemic – one of the […]

Maintaining Workers Compensation

Maintaining your Workers Compensation Obligations as an Employer during Office Closures and Working from Home A challenge employer’s may overlook during this current period of uncertainty and unanticipated change due to the Coronavirus pandemic is an employer’s continuing obligations for occupational health and safety for its workers. This obligation extends beyond the confines of the […]

Cash Is King

Cash Is King (but so are other Things) Cash belongs to the Staff, it belongs to the Creditors, it belongs to the Government, it belongs to Lenders, it belongs to the Customers. In these troubled COVID19-addled times, Cash is even more of a King than before. (In the interests of readability and space, hereafter, references […]